People are often unaware of the massive cost savings through energy efficiency initiatives – despite seeing big increases in their energy bills.

Heating domestic hot water is the second largest energy consumption in a household next to heating and cooling air. Independent research has shown that insulating hot water tanks with a radiant barrier will save up to 14% of the energy consumption. The end consumer will receive an average payback of only four to twelve months.

Reflecto-Foil is a Reflective Foil Insulation that is placed in an air space to block Radiant Heat Transfer between a heat radiating surface and a heat absorbing surface. The Reflecto-Foil insulation acts as a Radiant barrier, which can stop up to 97% of heat loss from being transferred, which saves excessive amounts of energy consumption.


“You can also use these for gas heaters, I put one on my power vented unit and I noticed a difference right away, it runs about half the time it used to!!!!!! Saves energy and equipment life span.”Tommy (Ontario)

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