Reflecto-foil Hot Water Heater Jackets:
Heating domestic hot water is the second largest energy consumption in a household next to heating and cooling air. Independent research has shown that insulating hot water tanks with a radiant barrier will save up to 14% of the energy consumption per household. The end consumer may receive an average payback within four to twelve months. The Hot Water Heater Jacket Kit is a consumer friendly D.I.Y. project.

Since 1991 Ecoshades has been manufacturing the ‘Reflecto-Foil Hot Water Heater Jacket’.  Over the years we have made changes to improve and continually bring the best product to our Customers. The Reflecto-Foil  Hot Water Heater Jacket is certified and tested and meets ‘Class 1/Class A’ Fire Standards with ASTM E84, and conforms to the requirements for the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 286 Full-Room Burn Test. We take great pride that all components of the ‘Reflecto-Foil  Hot Water Heater Jacket’ KIT are 100% made in Canada.

Trusted, tested, and 100% Canadian Made:
Over the years, thousands of Reflecto-Foil™ “Hot Water Heater Jackets” have been sold to many satisfied customers, helping to reduce energy consumption. The need for conserving Energy has been a Global topic of conversation for many years and will continue to be talked about for many more years to come!


"We will continue to do our part and help reduce Energy Consumption, one “Jacket” at a time!"

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