Specialized Reflective Foil Pool Insulation: Helps Retain Heat, Saves Energy & Money


  • Helps preserve Solar Energy in Water and helps maintain desired pool temperatures day and night.

  • Saves Energy usage and lowers heating costs and prevents less wear on pool equipment.

  • Faster reaction time to heat pool when required.

  • Breaks thermal bridge between the liner and ground. Excellent Vapor and Radon Barrier.

  • Can help reduce heat loss up to 80% with a solar blanket

  • Install during ‘new’ construction or when ‘replacing’ vinyl pool liner.

  • DIY Installation or let our Team install it for you.


  • Metalized Foil, sandwiched between two layers of bubble clear poly

  • Insulation is 48” in width x 125’, 5/16” normal thickness, light and easy to install

  • 140 PSI compression rate

  • 69 PSI puncture rate

  • Durable and Long lasting

  • Adds R-Value

  • No messy or Itchy fibers

New Construction: Outside of pool walls and floor insulation under pad of concrete
Vinyl Liner Replacement: Inside walls of pool
NOTE: Installations may vary per pool

New Construction or Vinyl Liner Replacement: 
Inside of pool walls and floor insulation
NOTE: Installations may vary per pool

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